27 September 2017

go outside.

canyonlands national park, utah

go outside

even if
you work crazy hours
you have kids
your mobility is limited
it's hot/cold/raining/snowing
you are not an "outside" person

no excuse can compete with the force of nature

look around you
find something that wasn't created by humans
study it
soak in the details

you will be surprised at how quickly your childhood senses return to you
loss of the sense of time

you will start to ask questions

what causes leaves to change color?
do insects drink water?
how did that plant grow out of a rock?
where do inchworms go in winter?

your shoulders will relax
you might smile more readily

close your eyes

you thought it was quiet
but now you hear

blades of grass
an owl
your own breath

reach out your hand to touch something
a leaf
a stone
the soles of your feet

this is holy ground

no matter where you are

a city park
a country garden
the forest
your own backyard

a little longer

breathe in deeply
breathe out slowly

that air
its mixture of molecules
has kept you alive

continue on
with your lists

but remember
that you are part of something
greater than obstacles
greater than monotony
greater than yourself

the outside
is within you

return to it

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