25 May 2015

100 Sunsets: Part Three.

don't try so hard, to move past the moment
these days go by, and they're gone before you know it
so come on open your window, let the light shine in
this is life, don't miss it
-Francesca Battistelli "Don't Miss It"
Day 70: English class was a win-win today- I practiced flexibility and going with the flow by holding class on a flight of stairs; my students practiced pronunciation by giving speeches on social issues!

Day 69: Fun sunset observation- the sun sets almost exactly west on the fall and spring equinoxes, from March-September it sets farther north along the horizon, and the rest of the year, farther south.

Day 68: Had dinner with some of my extended host family tonight! Sending love to my own aunts, uncles, and cousins!

Day 67: No sunset picture today, but the sun has been the most incredible shade of blue the past few days.
Day 66: It was a beautiful morning for a run with my host uncle!

Day 65: Celebrating the birthdays of both of my first Malagasy friends today-- Toky and Hasina!

Day 64: My favorite part of church is being able to sing along with the Malagasy hymns.

Day 63: Before starting this project, I never imagined how each sunset would be so unique!
Day 62: Smoke from cooking or burning trash is a common occurrence.

Day 61: The sky never ceases to amaze me.

Day 60: Happy Ascension Day! Church with my host parents this morning was a nice way to start the day, and this relaxed sunset was a nice way to end it!

Day 59: It's very common here to have security grates on every window. The metalwork is all done by hand!

Day 58: Enjoyed a picnic with some students and fellow teachers this afternoon!

Day 57: The Malagasy word for sun is masoandro. Maso=eye and andro=day.

Day 56: Met up with Molly, one of the other YAGMs today, so thankful for her friendship!

Day 55: Went to the market for some gift shopping today, it's fun to bargain with the vendors!
Day 54: Ombre.

Day 53: This is overlooking one of the paths I take to church. The red flowers are called Madagasikara because when folded in half, the leaves look like the shape of the island.

Day 52: Tsara mandry, sunshine! (good night!)

Day 51: Because winter is arriving, the sun is setting so early- around 5:30! Very different from the long pre-summer evenings in the northern hemisphere.

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