12 April 2015

Introducing the 100 Sunsets Project.

As I move closer to the end of my YAGM service than the beginning, I had been searching for a way to keep myself focused and present during my last 100 days living in my host community. This coincided nicely with a move to a westward facing room on the third floor of our house-- my first sunset-view bedroom since I was ten! I didn't want a traditional countdown, I wanted a challenge to myself to live deeply into the little moments throughout each day. So with each day I have a pre-written challenge to myself for that day, from going for a walk to learning a new word in Malagasy. And each night I take a sunset photo and attach an (often) unrelated reflection of the day, as a visual and anecdotal testament to the fragment of life lived that day. I'll be posting the photos and captions on my Facebook page daily and here on my blog in groups of ten. Here's to 100 days of living in the moment and 100 nights of sunset skies!

Day 100: Today I am thankful for a window with a westward view!

Day 99: Christ is Risen! It is such a blessing to be free to worship without fear of persecution. Today I am praying that one day everyone will have this freedom, regardless of their beliefs.
Day 98: Sometimes the best days are 'unphotogenic' and that's okay! So happy to catch up with one of my best friends, eating zucchini bread and watching movies. I had forgotten how good To Kill A Mockingbird is-- Atticus Finch is my hero!

Day 97: A beautiful between-seasons day... blue skies and sunshine!
Day 95: Recently read Learning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown Taylor, which reminded me of the beauty and healing found in darkness. It's like the sunset is the introduction to peaceful renewal, hinging together day and night. What have you been reading lately?

Day 94: God is an artist.

Day 93: While it may not make for exciting sunset photos, there's nothing more calming than an evening thunderstorm that sings you to sleep!

Day 92: Started a list today of all the people I have met in Madagascar, from the students I work with to helpful strangers such as The Man Who Saved Me From Falling Out of a Bus. The list of just first names is well over two pages, but each name could be the centerpiece in its own story of friendship, hospitality, or shared laughter. So blessed!

Day 91: Really proud of my English students today-- their listening comprehension has really improved!


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