10 September 2014

Misaotra betsaka.

Misaotra betsaka.
Thank you so much.

Ever since this journey started with the YAGM application process at the beginning of the year, I have been continually humbled by the outpouring of support I have received. This support has come in forms of prayers, emails, text and facebook messages, phone calls, notes of encouragement, and thoughtful conversations over meals, coffee, and car rides. “Keep making God smile!” “It’s a crazy ride but keep trusting the process!” “Peace be your journey.” This summer as I served in outdoor ministry at Sky Ranch, my family and Trinity Lutheran, my home congregation, raised all of the financial donations that I needed to go forth into this year of service. I was humbled again as I wrote thank you notes to people who have known me since I was six and still others whom I have never met.

Not once have I been alone on this journey.

And now that I am here in Madagascar, more than 9,000 miles from home, I am still not alone on this journey. My host family consisting of Lucie (mom), Augustin (dad), Henintsoa (sister), Olivier (brother), Boule (dog), and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins have welcomed me here with open arms and open hearts. The other night as we gathered around the table to pray before dinner, Augustin said to me, “nous sommes pas beaucoup mais avec toi nous sommes beaucoup.” Which is French for ‘there are not many of us, but now with you, we are many.’

The same is true for me. By myself, this journey would not be possible. I would not have had the strength or courage to leave home and follow this call. But with such an abundance of love and support, I know that there are many who journey with me.

So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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